OUr Services

3D neuronal network

The identification of robust phenotypes, which are recapitulating key cellular defects of neurodegenerative conditions are hampered by the lack of sufficiently representative in vitro models. We optimized the cultivation of patient specific neurons in 3D microfluidics. These systems allows for the identification of potential disease-related phenotypes in a more physiological manner. 



3D human brain organoids

The unique feature of our approach is that we use complex 3D human brain organoids mimicking the  midbrain to a level that is not achievable by traditional in vitro cell culture. Hence, by using any individual's cells we are able to generate on-a-dish a model of a portion of the brain. This might allows the identification of potential defects and the pre-test of drugs when multiple choices are available.

Our technology

For these services, we make use of our expertise in the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). All our approaches are therefore completely free of any kind of animal testing.

The iPSCs are used to generate human midbrain organoids for disease modelling or drug testing.


Braingineering offers customers the possibility of generating models of other anatomical structures. 

Data security

At the end of our service we deliver all original data as well as a report with the analysed results. We are aware of the importance of maximal quality of data analysis, integration (e.g. via tranSMART) visualization and security (Tier4 data storage centre). To ensure this state of the art service we closely work together with the Luxembourgish information technology company ITTM S.A.